Chef's delights
House salad : small / large 5 / 9
Caesar Salad : small / large 5 / 9
Duck confit salad with black-currant onion marmalade 10
Atlantic's smoked salmon 10
Shrimp cocktail 10
Carpaccio of filet mignon of beef Fonderies' style 16
Onion soup with swiss croûtons au gratin 8
Snails Burgundy style, en cocotte 8
Raclette cheese melted entrée (Switzerland or Québec) 12
Swiss fondue entrée for one / for two 12 / 22

Children’s menu
Included : house or Caesar salad and garlic bread
Sautéed chicken teriyaki 18
Chinese style beef and/or chicken fondue 18
Small melted cheese raclette 18
Chocolate fondue with a banana
Soft drink or a glass of milk

La Swiss cheese fondue and raclette
Choice of house or Caesar salad with our famous toasted garlic bread,
marinated pickles and onions, house fries or boiled baby potatoes
Swiss cheese fondue (neuchâteloise) 26
Melted swiss raclette valaisanne 26
Melted swiss raclette québécoise 26
Melted combo of Swiss and Québec raclette 26
Alpine tartiflette browned with swiss raclette
boiled baby potatoes, lardoons, onion, cream, white wine

La Chinese fondue
Cooking at your table in a chicken broth flavoured with chinese spices and herbs
The classics
Choice of house or Caesar salad with our famous toasted garlic bread
Served with home fried potatoes and fondue sauces
Thin sliced beef 2133
Sliced chicken breast 2133
Pork fillet 2133
Marinated lamb 3042
Filet mignon of beef 2739
Salmon 2234
Shrimps 2436
Scallops 3042
North sea Prawns (scampis) 3345
Want some variety for your classic fondue?
Combine two items from the classic fondue's choices and we will charge you for the price of the highest priced item
La Fonderie’s favorites
Choice of house or Caesar salad with our famous toasted garlic bread
Served with home fried potatoes and fondue sauces
First visit? Chinese fondue sampling 2840
Filet mignon of beef, beef slices, chicken,
pork fillet, salmon, scallop, shrimps
Mixed up fondue 2840
Filet mignon of beef, chicken and shrimps
Master butcher’s fondue 3042
Filet mignon of beef, chicken, marinated lamb and pork fillet
Three fillets fondue 3042
Filet mignon of beef, marinated lamb and pork fillet
Oceanic fondue 3345
Salmon, shrimps, scallops, scampis
High-tide fondue 3345
Giant shrimps, scallops, scampis
Fondue de La Fonderie 3345
Filet mignon of beef, slices of beef, chicken,
pork fillet, marinated lamb, salmon, shrimps,
scallops, scampis
Wild game fondue 3345
Selection of farm-bred venison
Ostrich - bison - caribou - red deer - boar - wapiti

from sunday to thursday
No sharing of all you can eat fondues
  1. Choice of house or Caesar salad
    with our famous toasted garlic bread
  2. All you can eat chinese beef and/or chicken fondue
    all you can eat home fried potatoes and fondue sauces
  3. La Fonderie's chocolate fondue
  4. Regular coffee, tea or herb tea

La Bourguignonne fondue
Deep-frying in peanut oil
Choice of house or Caesar salad with our famous toasted garlic bread
Served with home fried potatoes and fondue sauces
Diced “Filet Mignon” of Beef 3547
Would you like to transform any other Chinese Fondue favourite combination into a Fondue Bourguignonne? Add 5$ per person to the price of the Chinese Fondue you select...Voilà !

Fondues Express
In a hurry? The "Fondue Masters" did not forget you!
Four classic chinese fondues and one melted swiss raclette without preliminaries, short and sweet, no salad or toasted bread.
Sliced beef 16
Sliced breast of chicken 16
Pork fillet 16
Shrimps 19
Melted swiss raclette valaisanne or québécoise 21

Fat chance you’re still hungry… but just in case!
Crème Brûlée à la vanilla with candied orange peel 7
The rich man’s custard : cool and mellow at the bottom (crème) crisp and hot on top (brûlée) - 200 calories just for looking.
Enjoy if you never feel guilt or remorse, but are sensible to regrets.
Crème brûlée la Fonderie style 9
As above + chocolate fondue on top… extravagant!
Crème brûlée à la gauloise 8
As above, but switch the chocolate fondue for french caramel... ridiculous!
Iced profiteroles with three sauces 7
As if the choices were not already hard enough! Puff pastry stuffed with vanilla ice cream,topped with three sauces : red berry "coulis", french caramel and hot chocolate fondue. We can humor you with only one of the sauces IF THAT’S WHAT YOU WISH, no problem, no lip, no extra!
Assorted sherbets 7
Fruity and refreshing, should make colourful stains on just about any shirt !
Sugar pie with vanilla ice cream or Chantilly cream 7
A sinful, decadent, traditional, every day Québécois dessert.
Ice cream cup La Fonderie 7
An extravagant sundae, smothered in hot chocolate fondue & toasted slivered almonds and whipped cream. Enjoy today, diet tomorrow.
Ice cream cup Francesca 6
Another extravagant sundae, smothered in french caramel and toasted pecans and whipped cream, If you thought the other ice cream cup was too sinful.
Banana Split 9
Vanilla ice cream, fresh fruits, chocolate fondue, french caramel
red berry "coulis", toasted slivered almonds and pecans, Chantilly cream
La chocolate fondue 10
The perfect combination of warm melted chocolate, cream, nuts and honey, blended in a fondue pot where you will dunk assorted fresh fruits.
A chocoholic’s dream, an anorexic’s nightmare and a boulimique’s defeat. If you must fight the urge, straightjackets, handcuffs and other restraining paraphernalia are available across the street at the 34th Police precinct.

Brazilian coffee : Brandy, liqueur d'orange, whipped cream 9
Spanish coffee : Brandy, coffee liquor, whipped cream 9
Irish coffee : Irish whisky, Irish mist, whipped cream 9
Caffé originale : Brandy, Amaretto, whipped cream 9
Roman coffee : Brandy, Sambuca, whipped cream 9

last update : march 2009
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